Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Smurfy Party Inspiration

Little Logan is going to be turning three in November. When I inquired about a theme, it was his wish to have a Smurf party. I headed over to Pinterest for some party inspiration. I'm thinking of going mostly blue for the color scheme. Here is just a snippet of things that I loved!

 Since Smurfs are blue, how could I not love the all blue candy bar? Also, blue Twizzlers? I didn't even know those existed! Now I must try them!


Pine cone place cards would be perfect for labeling the food at the table with cutesy Smurf-type names. 


I also loved the blue punch. Apparently, my goal is to turn all our party guests' mouths blue. 


And no birthday party would be complete without a cake. Blue velvet cake sounds like a smurftastic way to end the day. 


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