Monday, December 19, 2011

I heart: Old School TV

Do you remember your favorite television shows as a kid or a  teenager? I do. Distinctly. As a matter of fact, I have a list of my very favorite television shows to share with you right now!

1. Full House
This is the first show I ever remember looking forward to each week.  I related to DJ, since I was the oldest of three girls. My middle sister was always being stopped in the store, because they thought she was Michelle.  I loved that it showed a non-traditional family, and that any problem was resolved happily in thirty minutes...... well except for the one episode with Michelle falling off a horse. Plus, Uncle Jessie was cute!

2. Saved By The Bell
I really don't remember how old I was when I watched Saved by the Bell, but I do remember thinking it was the best thing in the whole world. It was even better than neon jellies and Wilson Phillips. I wanted to be Kelly Kapowski. I was in love with Zack Morris. Reflecting on it now, I realize that Saved by the Bell must have been where my love for trouble makers originated. In hindsight, I probably should have stood away, but who am I kidding? This show was five pixie sticks all at once with a chaser of Kool-Aid (which I was never allowed to drink, by the way).

3. Boy Meets World
My oh my.   Cory would rant and do crazy things in the name of love, even if no one else believed. Eric was funny. And the very lovely Shawn Hunter was gorgeous and bit troubled, which meant I totally spent a fair share of my time fantasizing about dating him. I loved that as they got older it showed how strong and important childhood friendships could become.  I watched every single episode, and ate it up. I just adored EVERY. SINGLE. MINUTE. I still watch the reruns when I catch them, and love them just the same.

4. Dawson's Creek
4. Dawson's Creek was my ultimate favorite show as a teenager. Dude..... (*hello 90's flashback*) these people could have been my friends. I felt all of it epitomized my life from the philosophical talk to the longing looks.  High school was dealing with non-stop drama, growing up, and unrequited and sometimes requited love. I was never team Dawson and Joey. I was always team Pacey and Joey...... with emphasis on the Pacey part.

5. Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls was on for seven years, and in my opinion it should have been on for at least seven more. I was so enamored with this duo. I wished I was them. They talked fast, and were beautiful, witty, and smart. Rory was always reading these books that I would check out of the library but get bored with after the first chapter. Lorelei was the coolest mom around, and their relationship was one that I envied with every fiber of my being. The characters were unique and Stars Hollow could have easily been my small little town. I loved this show so much, that I may or may not have been inspired by one of the characters names when I named my little boy.

Did any of you love television the way I did? Or was I the only one living vicariously through imaginary television characters? What was your favorite television show growing up? 


jackster82 said...

I loved Most of those! Not Dawson's or Gilmore, but I definitely love SBTB! And yes, I totally remember the episode when Michelle had amnesia. P.S John Stamos is still totally cute.

Alyssa said...

Oh yes I remember all of these shows to a tee! I was a big fan of all them except Dawson's Creek. I just never really got into it and don't think I've watched an episode of it. Boy Meets World is my favorite of the bunch and I just like you watched every single episode! Eric was my favorite in the older episodes, he was hilarious!! A few of my other favorites that I remember I watched a lot were Flipper and My So Called Life. Did you watch any of those? I don't remember how old I was, but I sure do remember them being my most favorites. I found Flipper and My So Called Life online on my TV provider and employer DISH Network’s site and watched a few episodes from there. Flipper has like almost a hundred episodes online so it was definitely a blast from the past, lol. My So Called Life has a bunch too, so I watched just to check out the old school Jared Leto; which by the way is still very cute! There are tons of other old and new shows on that website too, so it’s definitely great to catch up on things when I’m away on travel. I definitely heart old school TV just like you do, I’ll have to setup Boy Meets World to record, I really miss that show! :)

Anonymous said...

I totally loved Saved by the Bell and Dawson's Creek! I never got into Boy Meets World, but I hear people reference that show ALL the time. Makes me think I missed out for sure. I was always a fan of Wonder Years too, does that make me weird, ha?!

jessicaclarke said...

I love Boy meets world

Justine said...

Alyssa~ I adored My So Called Life (and Jared Leto)! I have never heard of Flipper. Maybe I'll google it in a bit! Kim~ I loved the Wonder Years. Jessica~ This was the days before DVR so when I went out on Friday nights, I always was wondering what I was missing on the show! Haha

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