Sunday, June 19, 2011

Master Bedroom Planning

My master bedroom is in desperate need of an update. We are currently contemplating color schemes, and I think we have finally settled on one. Currently my bedroom is an off white, yellowish color. When we moved in it was NEON green. And that room was dark due to the nine trees crowded very close to that bedroom window. We cut down the trees, and let a little light in, but I think that I wanted the opposite of neon green when I chose the color. So I picked a neutral that was soothing on the eyes. It was a perfectly nice color, but it just wasn't the one I wanted.

I had an idea in my mind of exactly what I wanted, but once I joined Pintrest, it was decided. I know that currently everyone is loving gray, and I am too. I've never met a bandwagon that I haven't jumped on, after all. Ahem....... at least when it came to decorating and popular young adult fiction.

Currently I am loving gray and yellow. Bright, bright yellow. TOGETHER. Gorgeousness, I tell you. When I see images like this:

Source:  Casa Greer

and this:
Source: Desire to Inspire
and even this (I know it has another color too, but it's awesome):
Source: 7th House on the Left
I fall in love.


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