Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Face vs. Sidewalk

The fourth of July was a family filled day for us. We went to the husband's parent's house where they were hosting a barbecue. The kiddo was able to play with his cousins all day, much to his complete and utter delight. He swam in his pool and even got to bounce around in a bounce house. As the day was winding down, the little guys all got their after dinner burst of energy. They were chasing each other and laughing. Logan went to run down the sidewalk, and just as the words, "Use your walking feet," were sliding out of my mouth...... BOOM!

He landed face first onto the sidewalk. No hands were ever put out to try to soften the blow. There were a few seconds of complete silence and then the scream. Anyone that is around kids for any extended period of time knows that they have all different types of cries. This is the kind you hate hearing.

I felt so bad that he was hurt that I let him eat Popsicle after Popsicle to bring the swelling in his lip down. Once we got home I sat with him and let him watch a television show he never watches, eat M&Ms, and stay up late to watch some fireworks. He forgot about it long before I did.  But that could be because I am looking at this face all the time:

My poor baby. Extra hugs and kisses are in order. And maybe a new toy. 


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