Sunday, January 1, 2012

12 Resolutions for 2012

A new year is always full of fresh promise. It's an opportunity to do things different, perhaps even better. I really liked some of the ones that I had last year, and I still need to keep trying some of the old ones. For 2012, here's what I hope to accomplish:

1. Lose some weight.
2. Eat healthier and more clean
3. Plan my meals for the week
4. Clean and organize every drawer in the house
5. Create a mail center to finally corral the paper clutter
6. Read more books
7. Take more pictures
8. Write down three things I am grateful for each day.
9. Decorate my house. Hang things on the walls. I'm not sure what those things will be yet.
10. Learn to sew.
11. Be a super fun mama to a super fun kid.

Finally, because I liked this one, and it was incredibly motivating the first time around, I'm keeping this one again:

12. Be Brave. Do something new every week, even if it scares me.

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jessicaclarke said...

I also need to do some decorating at my house, but I'm not sure what either

Justine said...

Jessica~ I have been in my house for three years, and I only have two things hanging on my walls. So I guess my "things" should be stuff on my walls. :)

Galit Breen said...

I love all of the things on your lost- but that last one? Is gold. Love!

Happy New Year!

Karen and Gerard said...

Great list! I have to work at trying new things too. I invite you to visit our book blog where we review the books we read, and we do read a lot! We post a new review just about every day. (

Stopping by from writers workshop:

Anonymous said...

12 resolutions is awesome - even if you only focus on one a month, by the end of the year, you've accomplished a lot! Good luck!

Jamie said...

Your number 12 is a favorite of mine. It reminds me of an Eleanor Roosevelt quote, "Do one thing every day that scares you." It works...

Arnebya said...

I'm smiling at your hanging things on the wall. We've been in our house 9 years. And still many walls are bare. It's something I've definitely set as a goal of changing this year. Good luck on all you want to accomplish.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love number 8! What a great idea! I need to do it too.

Muffy Morgan said...

I'm on a Do Something New Every Day Resolution plan! It's crazy, but I've already been surprised and pleased at how it's affected my life this week and how it makes my brain work to navigate it.
Very good one :)
Good luck with all your other goals too!! Lovely blog!

The Lovely One said...

I want to be a super fun mama, too! That's a good goal to have!

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